Friday, 17 October 2014

Fuschia Mineral Makeup : my two pence and pics.

I know there was a little hoo-haa over the practice of "Private Labeling**" and I am still unsure exactly how I feel about it. But I have had a good play with the bits that Fuschia Mineral Makeup sent out as part of their Blogger Call and I have formed my own opinions, some good, some bad but most importantly these are my own.

I prefer ingredient transparency, ie I like to know what is in the stuff I may be putting on my face. And so I took the time to email Gillian Moore to ask the question: Do you PL*?

Gillian, who is the owner of the brand, was more than happy to answer my questions, and she was wonderfully frank with me in her reply:

When Fuschia started, Gillian did indeed Privately Label*, she didn't have the means nor the capital to produce her own products, but she knew that is where she wanted to get to at some stage. As soon as she had enough capital, she started producing her own cosmetics, mixing and filling empty containers with her own formulations.
She also confirmed that with certain products, it isn't possible for her to locally produce these products (it is expensive to produce a small batch of product that isn't in high demand: factory floor space costs money) and so she does still engage in a small percentage of PL. Gillian did however say that she is currently in talks with Enterprise Ireland to purchase more machinery to allow her to manufacture (produce) all of her own product and hopes to have everything in place to do so by the end of 2015.

She did say that she thought it a little strange that new companies starting out did seem to all buy from the same manufacturer, but I have to say that after thinking about it, I'm not surprised at all. The products produced for PL are generally of a fairly high standard, and the public recognise the packaging and so are willing to pay for the product having seen favourable reviews.

As it goes, I appreciate Gillian's honesty. The Fuschia Factory is based in Drogheda, which is close to my adoptive home town, and I am willing to support the brand and let you know which of the products floated my boat, and which just didn't. Afterall, we are all entitled to our opinions.

I'll start with the things that I quite liked:

Fuschia Mineral Makeup MYO (Make Your Own) 5 Pan Eye Shadow Palette (€25). While I didn't actually get to choose my own colours, I do quite like the colours the team at Fuschia chose for the press packs, mostly neutrals and warm colours, perfect for easy eye looks for Autumn. The shadows aren't overly buttery, but they apply quite nicely and I found that you do need to work a little bit harder to get the lighter colours to show up as a dry swatch, like you can see on my arm. I don't use eyelid primers, its an extra step I don't often have time for and I was worried that these would be gone by lunch time. But they lasted through me standing around at the kids Rugby practice, an epic hayfever attack, lunch with the inlaws and a trip to the playground (cue another round of streaming eyes). I did have a bit of creasing, but all in all the colour was still there, despite all my rubbing/dabbing at my eyes with a tissue. My eyeliner and mascara were gone though...

Yes, I understand that there are cheaper alternatives out there, but if you are looking to build a custom mineral eyeshadow palette with colours that YOU like, then €25 isn't too bad.

Fuschia Loose Mineral Eye Dust in Bliss (€12.95) took a little time to win me over. Initially its a gorgeous multi-tonal (bronze-gold-copper-brown) glitter based pigment, but then you try to get it out of the 3 hole shaker thingy. Its nearly impossible. I do know that most pigments mess EVERYWHERE even before you open the lid, not with this. The pigment is really buttery, so buttery its a struggle to get it out of the shaker. But when you do get it out, it is GORGEOUS! It looks best on its own, over a bit of primer to really bring out the warmness. Rich champagne is how I would describe the colour. And I have taken to wearing just Bliss, all over my eyelid, blended into the crease.

Even though this is more buttery than butter, fallout is a bee-otch, and its glittery, so its best to do eyes first and then to your foundation. Its pricey, but it will last you aaaaaaaaaaggges, as a little goes a long, long way...

Bliss all over my eyelid... bliss all up in my mind...
My other favourite is their Lip Liner in Eggplant €12.95 . While it is soft enough that it goes on easily without pulling, it is hard enough to keep its point, making lining lips and getting a clean line much easier than with a super soft formulation. This deep maroony colour is on-trend for Autumn-Winter 2014, and it looks pretty good smooshed into lips with a little slick of LRP Cicaplast Lips over the top. It is a little dearer than I would like, but I have used it 4 times, and I haven't had to sharpen it yet, so this Fuschia Lip Liner will also last a looooooonnnnnggggg time.

Fuschia Classic Matte Lipstick €13.50 in Vamp is a bit of an odd muffin. Billed as a matte fomula, I think this is more of a satin finish, I don't get the matte finish at all. I do love the dark berry-maroon colour though: its very Vamp. Longevity is great (but its is a bit drying nothing a bit of cicaplast can't sort). I'll be using this on Halloween. I kind of like it, but there are cheaper, less drying options out there.

I am on the fence with the Brow Wax Kit €15. I got the shade Taupe, which (according to the website) is the darkest of the 3 available. It comes with a mirror and a little brush (in the compartment under the actual product) and the powder is quite a good colour in that its not red based, so its not too warm. But I am not fond of the wax. Its very odd... I can't get it off the brush and onto my brows. I don't know why.... I don't know how. But I just can't get with the wax. Good thing I don't really use it. This is mostly a miss for me, you can get better brow products for less.

Something else I could take or leave is the Fuschia Lip Lacquer €16.50. Love Affair (bottom swatch) is a cool mauve. And the formulation is OPAQUE. You able to get a light wash of colour if you are careful, but it is really nice when you get a proper slick of colour. Party Girl is a great Bright Pink, the perfect summer colour.

The Fuschia Lip Lacquer doesn't really set and it doesn't really stain and because of this it is very very easy to get this EVERYWHERE. No mooshing together of lips here, because it will go outside of your lipline very quickly. Don't apply this willy-nilly either, because too much will really be a gloopy mess: Less is More with these. While it feels great on your lips when you first apply it but after a while I feel that it is quite drying and I am left looking for my lip balm. And because this doesn't set, you need to re-apply frequently. Its mostly a miss.

Wearing Bliss all over my eyelids and Love Affair on my Lips.

The bits that I just didn't get on with were the Primer and the Highlighter. The Primer goes on like you'd expect, but didn't particularly make a difference to keeping my Foundation on. I have combo skin, and I found that it made me feel like a bit of a greaseball after an hour. The shimmer bits don't help. Dry skin types might get on better with this...

The Candle Glow Highlighter €25 is much loved by some bloggers, but I just couldn't get it to work for me. I struggled to get it blended and I ended up with a streak of glitter (very pretty goldy glitter) on my cheekbones. Its too much faff for me. I have a sneaky its just me though.

Fuschia havae 2 stores (Drogheda and Swords) and are stocked in a good few salons throughout the country. Or if you want to order with no fuss, give the girls a call or order online.

What do you think? Have you tried Fuschia?

**Private Labeling  : products or services are typically those manufactured or provided by one company for offer under another company's brand.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Ziaja Sensitive: Must have it ALL THE TIME!

I have shared my love for Polish budget brand Ziaja, especially their Cocoa Butter Scrub (I would happily drown in that stuff), but I had to rescue the Sensitive Range out of the shower before it was finished so I could write about it, because it has very quietly moved into Prime Position in my shower and I tend to reach for it over any other the other thing in my shower.

I was sent 2 products out of the Sensitive range to try, The Shower Gel and the Day Cream. And I am very impressed. I am always looking for bits that I can fit into our household that we can all use: My daughter has eczema and we have to be careful what we use. But I am quite happy to declare:

Ziaja Sentitive Creamy Wash Gel for face and body wins at everything in the shower. It is soap free, contains no silicones or parabens and it safe to use on Hannah. And everyone else too. It smells faintly of coconut (coconut derivatives are the main ingredient), but it isn't over powering at all, I love it. This gel foams gently into something that is surprisingly gentle and incredibly moisturising. Ziaja have managed to make a foaming gel that feels like an oil when you wash it off.

It is perfect for shaving, perfect for washing bodies and if I am wearing a massive amount of makeup, I have used this as my first step cleanser too (before I go in with a proper cleanser). And I have also used it as a shampoo, and not suffered any adverse effects on the hair too. I even tried it on my make up brushes: it worked, but I had to really work it to get the fibres properly clean.

It is fab because it isn't at all drying and my skin isn't gasping for cream the moment I step out of the shower.... I love it. So does Hannah. Want to know why I think it wins at everything in the shower: It costs €4.99 for a massive 400ml bottle that comes with a pump and you can use it on EVERYTHING!

I passed the Ziaja Sensitive Skin Soothing Day Cream on to Hannah as soon as it arrived. She likes it because it doesn't sting and she doesn't need a separate coat of SPF before she goes out the door. Her skin hasn't reacted to it at all and her skin looks amazing. Even on her eyelids where she has notoriously-difficult-to-get-rid-of dry patches, her skin looks smooth and young and hydrated. Like it should.

I gave it a go a good few times too, especially when I was in a hurry and needed to just lash something on my face. I haven't actually got a bad word to say about this. Apart from the fact that the lid is a screw top. I prefer a flip top.

It does EVERYTHING it says on the box.

 I have convinced the Husbag that we need to have the shower gel in the house at all times. AT ALL TIMES. I love the stuff.

I am keen to try the Enzyme Peel and the Night Cream out of the Sensitive skin range too and I have added them to the order without Himself knowing... what he doesn't know... find yours online at or in Pharmacys around the country.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Morning Skin Routine : October 2014

Its been a while since I posted any thing remotely like a proper routine for my skin care, but I assure you, I follow this routine every single morning, even on my gym mornings.

Its all French!

I have been hitting the gym 4 or 5 days out of 7 lately, so on a gym morning I get up, use warm water and a facecloth to remove any excess oil from the night before, slap on a tiny bit of Rooibos Cream my mom sent me, get the kids to school and get straight to the gym to get it over with.

When I'm done with the sweating, I get stuck in, starting in the shower. I start with a pump of La Roche Posay Rosaliac Micellar Makeup Remover Gel (€15.99). I really do like this as a post-workout-cleanser. It is extremely cooling and refreshing on hot, sweaty skin and rinses off easily and cleanly which is exactly what I like, but still gives a really good clean feeling. I absolutely love how refreshing this is on my face and neck. This 200ml bottle has lasted me almost 6 months, you only really need a single pump to do a morning cleanse, so this makes it great value.

Toner is next and I picked up this L'Oréal Paris Age Perfect Refreshing Toner on Caroline Hirons recommendation (her Budget Buys video). If memory serves, this 200ml bottle cost me around the €4 mark (it was on special too: score) and its lasted a little more than 3 months but I use it like its free. I decanted half into a spray bottle to mist on my visage before I go to bed, or when ever I feel like I need to " Freshen Up". In my gym bag it is in an even smaller spray bottle, and I mist this over my face and neck after toweling off even before I get out of the cubicle.

Yes, I understand that I am not quite in the "Mature" skin care category just yet, but I have notices the crinkles are getting deeper and I figure I could use a bit of extra help. Age Perfect Refreshing Toner smells lovely and also feels fabulously cooling on my face.

 And if Caroline Hirons says it is ok and she is happy with the ingredients, then who am I to argue. I already use Pixi Glow Tonic for my night tone but I will often spritz this on after I have put on my serum to add a bit of extra hydration before I put on my moisturiser.

A bit of a new kid on the block, This Vichy Idealia Eyes is the latest addition to the Idéalia range and so far so good. It is a bit pricy at €27.99, but you are getting 15ml of cutting edge technology and you only need a little bit!

Idealia Eyes is my first eye cream with a very cool flexible silicone applicator. You squeeze a small amount the tinted opalescent product out and use the  applicator to spread it gently onto the under-eye area and gently pat/massage it in. Use your ring finger to gently pat any excess into the skin.

 As you can see from the little swatch below, the pale peachy tint does a peremptory job of covering darkness under the eyes, and the light reflecting particles start doing their job and start brightening up the area and filling out the fine lines. And a little goes a long way...

I'm struggling with hormonal outbreaks all around my jaw. This is where the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo+ does its massive job of calming the spots and the bumps and keeping them under control. I have already blogged about its fahbeeeuuuuwlisssniss.

 Then I lash on a pump of the Vichy Idéalia Life Serum all over the rest of my face and give it a little massage and then a bitta Vichy Idéalia Moisturiser (Oily-combo variant) goes on top of that to lock all the goodness in.

 So far my pigmentation is under control and is fading nicely. My hormonal break outs are still hormonal and I'm trying like hell to cut out sugar to help things but dammit man: Chocolate tastes soooo dang good! All in all these products are working fairly well on my skin and I'm quite chuffed with it, apart from the hormonal stuff. I quite like that everything mentioned here goes on quite nicely and doesn't leave me looking too shiny during the day and my makeup goes on nicely.

All in all the whole routine takes me about 4-6 minutes (including faffing with my towel to keep covered). I know I need to add in an acid tone, but I'm using the Pixi Glow Tonic every second morning but my skin seems mostly happy with this combination.

Is there anything I need to try? Is there anything you are thinking of adding to your routine? Lemme know in the comments!

Monday, 6 October 2014

My new favourite shop: Mise Beauty Dundalk

So. Mise Beauty in Dundalk. It is my new favourite place to go shopping either online or in the actual store because it is literally down the road from me. Finally! Something that is in my neck of the woods. Its also the place where I picked up my two new skincare staples: LaidBare DIY! Cleanser and Pixi Glow Tonic.

Laid Bare DIY! 2-in-1 Cleanser Toner (€7.50 for 125mls) is a foaming gel cleanser, but it doesn't foam so much as produce a soft lather that loosens dirt and lifts it off the skin to rinse away easily, but without stripping the skin.

It somehow manages to feel a bit like an oil as opposed to your run-of-the-mill gel cleanser, and I like this as well. It just works, its not faffy, you can use it with or without a face cloth and it does the job.  I'll be honest and say that I don't understand how it "tones" and I have not a clue what "Apple Secrets Extract" is but it does the cleansing part pretty well so I'll forgive it those oversights. I like a separate toner anyways.

I love using this in the morning as it doesn't leave my skin feeling "squeaky clean" and dried out, it is  just clean. I use this at night as my first cleanse too, it works well to get rid of the day's make up before I go in with my 2nd cleanse. But just FYI, use a proper make up remover for waterproof mascara and liners because its rubbish at taking those off.

I like that you don't need too much of the product to get a good result ( I just wish my Hubby & Daughter would realise this...), and it smells quite refreshing to me. It's quite gender neutral: my hubby thought I had originally bought it for him. My daughter also asked if it was for her to use. Harrrrrumph. So I need to get another tube stat: they are going through this at a rate of knots. Thankfully it isn't too expensive and the fact that its lasted through 2+ months of 3 people using it makes it really, really good value.

The ingredients in this Laid Bare Cleanser are quite skin friendly too, no petrochemicals, sulphates or parabens means that this suits my daughters super sensitive eczema skin and its kinder to the environment when it goes down the drain eventually.

Pixi Glow Tonic (€20 for 200mls). Not much to say about this except that for me, it rocks. It's an "Acid" toner, which means it helps to dissolve the bonds between the dead skin cells and the lovely new skin cells hiding underneath to reveal the lovely new skin. Pixi Glow Tonic has also helped my skin to heal faster, especially after a particularly bad hormonal breakout. And I seem to be having far too many of those lately.

 I am only using it once a day, in the evening after cleansing and I find that my serum (I'm using the new La Roche Posay Redermic range: its gooooood) goes on easier and sinks in much quicker. I feel like I am using less of the serum too, because my skin is properly prepped.

As you can see I am just about done with my Pixi GLow Tonic, and as I write this the LaidBare cleanser tube is in the bin... I need MOAR!!! I have a shopping list as long as my leg for things I would LOVE to get in Mise Beauty but my car needs a service and I have three trips to Dublin to pay for this month, so I will just use the other cleansers in my stash until November's paycheque comes in.  Le Sigh.

I highly recommend Mise Beauty in Dundalk, or indeed online. I like going in to the actual store though because its close (yay!!!! no bus trip required to Dublin to get sought after products) and the girls are lovely.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Review: Tan Organic Self-Tan & Glove

Pharmacy shelves are awash with various self-tan brands that promise gorgeous colour with minimum fuss. Not all these brands deliver. Lets see how Tan Organic Fares:

As the first  (and only) Eco Certified self tan brand, Tan Organic's original Self Tan (€19.99) contains 87% certified organic ingredients and no synthetic ingredients. As it is Aloe Vera based, it moisturises while it colours which is great, as well moisturised skin holds onto tan much longer, so you will get better wear out of an application.

Tan Organic Self-Tan Original 

The Tan Organic Self-Tanning Glove (€7.99) is really Luxurious. It feels like soft velvet and its a real treat to use on your skin. It has a thumb on it too, so the glove doesn't slip off your hand while you are applying tan and because both sides are the same (the inside is lined so tan can't bleed though either side), it doesn't matter if you are a lefty or not, it works for all of us. It applies any kind of tan like a dream and it doesn't absorb product like some gloves/mitts do. I love it even more because it is big enough for my whole hand.

Tan Organic Mitt so you can see the size. 

While Tan Organic claims that the tan develops without any "unpleasant aroma", it does still smell like self-tan after its been on your skin for a few hours. Its not over-powering, but it is still definitely there. I prefer applying my tan at night after a shower so it can develop over night, then I jump into a quick shower in the morning to rinse off the formula and smell.

My pale legs before Tan Organic

The Tan Organic Self Tan liquid smells divine upon application: a gorgeously soft citrus scent that lingers for a little while until the DHA starts to do its work. But generally I am sleeping by that time so I get to enjoy the faint scent of warm summer. And when I wake up (after a quick shower) I get to enjoy my tan.

As with all self tans, you need to prep your skin before hand. A good exfoliation never goes amiss, even if you aren't tanning followed by a thorough moisturising session. Even though Tan Organic Self Tan is a moisturising formula, Hydrated skin always looks healthier. And don't forget to shake the bottle of tan well to ensure the formula is well mixed.

The bottle stopper allows you to get just the right amount of tan out without wasting fluid.

One application leaves a light colour that isn't at all orange. But getting an even application is a little bit tricky and takes a little practice to get it perfect. Tan Organic Self Tan is tinted,  but once you spread it in it is a bit difficult to see exactly where you put it as skin absorbs it quite quickly, so you need to work quickly and methodically to get a good finish. I tend to focus on the big areas first and make sure I blend and buff the liquid into my skin really well, then I used what is left on the glove to go over tricky spots: Toes, ankles, knees, elbows, wrists and fingers, that way I don't get patchy brown toes, knees, elbows etc. For me, this is the best way to get a good even tan.

The tinted fluid before I buff it in

One application leaves skin with a definite tan but it is still light. To get a deeper colour you will need to layer the tan and build it up over a few days. It takes a bit longer, requires a bit of dedication and patience, but you will be rewarded with a deep natural looking tan that will last a good 2 weeks and won't fade in patches. I am well past the days of needing a deep tan though, so one application on a Sunday night is all that I need.

After one application

And I have used this with great success on my face. It wasn't heavy and didn't streak, it just looked like I had spent a few days away in a somewhere sunny. I am prone to hyper-pigmentation though, so I don't like to use self tan on my face very often. But if I did need to tan my face then this would be my choice.

One 100ml bottle contains enough product to do 5-6 full body application tans, but I generally only ever tan my legs, arms, chest and face and I have used this bottle of Tan Organic Self Tan at least 9 times over the last 4 months and I still have a little more than half left.

It is a bit more labour intensive than my favourite tan ( CocoaBrown), but the results are well worth it. If you are after something that is organic, certified by PETA, The Organic Trust, The Ethical Company Organisation AND approved by the Irish Eczema Society then Tan Organic is a great Irish brand that is well worth your money and your time.

You can find Tan Organic products in pharmacys and online at .

PR sample gratefully received, Opinions my own.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

New: Pit Protection from Mondss Underarm Wear

Here's something I've never seen before, its a little bit of genuis, if a little odd looking. Mondss Underarm wear are absorbent patches that you stick on your pits to stop sweat stains making their appearance on your clothes in situations where you want to appear cool can composed. Clever. Especially since there have been at least 3 times in the last 2 years that I have been tempted to stick panty-liners to the inside of my shirts to prevent wet marks that I KNOW will appear 10 minutes after I leave the house.

Invented by an Irish Woman who was sick of sweat stains spoiling her clothes, Mondss Underarm Wear is admittedly a little bit odd. It looks like a big plaster, a plaster that you stick on your underarm. And its sticky... so it won't move until you take it off. 

For your €9.99 you get 10 pieces in the box, enough for 5 outings. And instructions that are clear and exact (finally!!) and show you the best way to apply these patches. 

The patches are big enough to cover most of the sweaty-betty pit area, but small enough to be quite discreet actually, and they are really absorbent. Instructions say that you can also put your antiperspirant onto the absorbent side of the patch to help keep odor in check, but you need to apply the patch to clean, dry, deodorant free skin, a couple of hours after shaving. This is so that you don't irritate the skin. 

Mondss patches are made with surgical grade adhesive, so you can use this on sensitive skin. But if you are like me and are one of the few unlucky sods that is allergic to most surgical adhesives (but that doesn't stop surgeons and nurses using it on you after surgery even after you watch them write down that you are allergic to it!), then you need to use caution with these. I am the only one of all my friends and all my acquaintances that has this stupid Plaster-allergy and I am actually ok to use these! Yay!

If you follow the instructions, application is easy enough. It is a little uncomfortable, but then you are wearing a giant plaster in your pits. After 20 minutes though I was ok with them and was able to mostly forget about them, but not completely. I was always aware of them, I could feel them but they worked, I could live with a little discomfort. For special occasions, these would be fab.

If you have a special occasion coming up and you know that the dess/shirt/top may show sweat stains, then give Mondss a go. Its way cheaper and less painful than Botox injections. You can buy your box here:

 **PR Sample Gratefully received, opinions my own.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Very late: June July 2014 Empties or Garbage Pail Review

It seems that my theme for the last few months is me running late. It's a miracle I have been able to get the kids to school, its not my fault really, I was standing at the door this morning with the car running chasing the kids out the door at 8:45am. The kids were playing Minecraft. Cos Daddy lets them.

Anyways. These are my June and July Empties. I know its September. It takes me forever to use up products so I figure doing an empties post every 2 months gives me a good few products to write about. I do enjoy reading empties posts. Bloggers usually mention if the product is worth re-purchasing or not, and based on this, even if its a PR sample, you can tell if its worth it.

I have a little basket that I keep under my sink, and instead of the bottle going in the bin straightaway, it goes in the basket. I was quite surprised at how quickly it filled up actually... So I will try keep it brief:

Aveeno. Aveeno Anything rules in our house for dry body skin. Its one of the only body moisturisers that doesn't cause my daughter's eczema to flare up and its one of the only ones that calms down any flares. We ALWAYS have at least 2 or 3 tubes or bottles in the the house, and we always will. The Skin Relief Lotion is great for mornings as it sinks in quickly but leaves skin hydrated and comfortable. The Moisturising Creamy Oil is our favourite for after baths/showers. 

It just works. Its a bit more expensive than the lotion, but I tend to pick up 3 or 4 tubes or bottles when they go on offer at my chemist.  Re-purchase Oh yes.

 Dove Men +Care Deodorant in Clean Comfort is for men. And himself Likes it, it does the job and he likes how it smells. I like this because I love how this smells. He says it does the job and he's never some home stinking, so I'm inclined to believe him. And I have used this on the sly now and again too, I can't confirm the 48hr claim: We shower every day. Bonus is that Dunnes frequently has them on offer in double packs making them great smelling value. Repurchase: Yes to keep my man smelling yummy .

 Kerstin Florian Correcting Rescue Créme (PR Sample). I have reviewed this already and its great for treating the skin, especially now when the temperature is all over the place (woollen scarves and sunscreen in my bag at all times from now until November). Great for dry skin, good for skin during colds/flu. It is pricey at €60, but you get 50mls and its lasted me just about a year of mostly everyday use and would have lasted me longer if I didn't give my sister-in-law and a friend of mine 2 hulking samples to try out. The Friend loved it and subsequently purchased her own tub. Re-purchase: If I win the lotto I'll probably get it again, but until then I'll make do with something in my budget...

 Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Facial Wax Strips. This is not an empty. But I'm binning it anyway because it just didn't work for me. It only ripped out some of the hairs, not all of them. And something that baffles me, is that they supply 20 wax strips (which you pull apart to use) so you should get around 8 - 10 uses out of the box. But they only supply 2 Pre-wax wipes, and 2 Post-wax wipes. WTF Nair? And I haven't seen a place that you can buy extra wipes...
Re-purchase: Not a chance.

 Neutrogena Visibly Clear 2-in-1 Wash Mask. I like this. Its a clay based cleanser that you can use as a mask as well. Its cheap (around the €5 mark) and I didn't mind if himself used too much of it as an occasional cleanser. Skin felt Clean but not dessicated. Re-purchase: Yup, as soon as my other clay mask is finished.

Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturiser Skin Conditioner for Dry Skin with Almond Oil I already reviewed this, and I am still loving it. I already have a new one in my shower and a spare in the cupboard. Re-Purchase: Uh-Yup its a no-brainer.

Nuxe Rêve de Meil Face Cleansing and Make-up Removing Gel. I wanted to love this. I couldn't. But I couldn't just bin an almost full bottle of cleanser that cost me £12 (plus shipping). I'd use this as a first cleanse on my good skin days to start the cleansing process. But it was a chore. Re-Purchase: No way Jose.

Oral B Pro Expert Fluoride Toothpaste: I liked this, the rest of the family not so much. They were put off by the grittiness of the toothpaste, I liked it. I love how it tastes too. Its a nice toothpaste, but because I am the only one who likes it and the only one who used it, I won't buy it again unless they take out the gritty bits so that the rest of the family will use it too. Repurchase: No

Pantene Classic Clarifying Shampoo: It is the family shampoo of choice: Its cheap, it lathers like nobody's business, it works and it rinses out easily. Winner. Repurchase: Yes. And you can put it in with the groceries.

Roger & Gallet Liquid Soap in Cédrat (€12 for 250ml): Oh my lord this stuff is awesome. A Luxury, but one that I am happy to save my pennies for, and keep in my En-suit to savour by myself. I don't like to share this. Lemony, Citrussy fresh and freaking fabulous: I Really love this. Really Really. This one was a PR Sample, but I will treat myself to a new bottle for the festive season. For some reason Lemon Scented anything puts me in mind of Christmas. Re:Purchase: For special occasions and my own private use. I might add the EDT to my basket if I am feeling rich.

These next two are just gorgeous. Even on my combo-oily skin.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Overnight Serum-in-Oil €22 for this little Pipette-topped bottle of loveliness. I already have my 2nd bottle. But I got a friend to get it for me "Up The North" where its only £12.

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Serum (I got it on special for €11): I've had this for a while and used it almost every day. But I have never blogged about it for some reason. I finished the bottle, and didn't realise how much my skin actually loves this because 2 days after it finished: my skin rebelled like a hormonal teenager. Seriously. Its still rebelling. Repurchase: as soon as I can.

Vichy Eau Thermal: €10 I liked this, but I haven't really missed it since its been finished. And its been finished a while. Re-purchase: Not unless its in a GWP (gift with purchase)

Right. Thats that. Stuff I liked. Stuff I didn't. Are there any bits I finished that ticked your boxes or just ticked you off? Anything I should try instead? Let me know in the comments...

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